About Us

We harness data-driven intent to connect travelers to the right property at the right time.

Who is Left Travel?

The Right Partners Drive the Right Traffic

Hi… We’re Left Travel, a Canadian technology company focused on harnessing data-driven intent to match travelers to the right property at the right time. And in so doing, we help online travel sellers maximize their yield, ensuring more properties are booked every single night.

Global travel will soon be a USD$2 trillion market. To participate in this market, we have developed the TravelMind™ Platform. Travelmind can influence the travel decisions across our ever-growing network of websites and apps, helping ensure travelers find a property that meets their needs while ensuring the inventory of the travel seller is properly utilized.

When a visitor visits one of our brands (we call them segments), they see a personalized experience featuring more than 14M properties from our network of travel sellers. Travelers are referred over to the travel seller’s website or direct to a hotel’s branded portal, where they can complete their booking.

Travel decisions, including both successful bookings or lack thereof, will train our algorithms and the TravelMind platform to improve our performance. To date we have completed more than 742,000 transactions, resulting in 4.1M room nights booked.

Vision & Values


We believe travel broadens the mind, opens the heart, and gives you stories to tell. We want to create better travel experiences because travel brings people closer together, breaks down barriers, and shows us new possibilities.


We use data to influence travel behaviour, creating value for all stakeholders: Customers, Partners, Shareholders, Travellers, Team, Community, and Environment.


We personalize digital experiences to match the right traveler, to the right destination, at the right property, at the right time.

Our History

Initially established in 2013 by Left Technologies Inc. (Left), Left Travel Inc. was spun out in 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary and has been growing ever since. A few quick facts about Left:

We're Hiring

Our awesome culture, amazing team of people, unlimited community hours and downright inspiring core values, are just a handful of reasons that make Left one of the best places to work in BC.

As our team continues to grow, we are always looking for talented people that live and breathe the same core values that we do.

Current Positions

To see the current job listings, please visit www.left.io for a complete list of career opportunities.

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